Sunday, February 9, 2014

Jammin moto taxi's in rural Haiti

My preferred mode of travel in Haiti is motorcycle taxis.  They're everywhere, faster than a car, cheap and can go where cars can't.  On a recent trip to Haiti I was tasked with doing a survey of water sources in 4 different communities, each hours apart.  We took a bus to Gonaives but then went to motorcycle taxis.  Buses you have to wait at the station until they are full before you can leave.  This can often take hours.  But where a bus would cost $3 a moto taxi might cost $6 for the same hour journey, still very reasonable.

The moto taxi drivers are often young men with a thirst for travel and adventure.  It amazes me how much they will endure for just a few dollar fare.  The roads are terrible and rattle every joint in your body to exhaustion and beyond. 

Every journey on a moto taxi in Haiti is an adventure.  In Port au Prince you will endure the thrill (or terror) of weaving in and out of traffic.  In the countryside you will experience cow paths at high speeds and river crossings without bridges.  These journeys on moto taxis have become a way of life for me and quite commonplace I guess.  But a recent journey from Petite Riviere de l'Artibonite to St
Michel was an eye-popping adventure of speed, scenery and culture.

My first attempt at capturing the moment was on the video camera on my phone. Then, after a stop I pulled out my camera and switched to video mode.  I'll upload the videos when I get a better internet connection.  For now I'll post a few photos...

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