Monday, February 22, 2010

My first Monday

Ever had one of those days you thought should be over at about noon? Well that was today for me, I was so exausted at lunch I almost fell asleep. But what a productive day! I had a job description to hire some engineers written, translated and posted throughout the region by 9. We had the new gasket installed and the Pignon water system up and running by noon. (my only mode of transportation so far is walking so this required about 4 miles)

After lunch I was told that the Haitian government will be mobilizing to pave the streets of Pignon this Saturday. We need to get water pipe under the new streets before they do this. It would be a disaster to try and remove and relay the paver blocks to set water pipe after the road was constructed. I thought about this for a bit and decided we should assemble a set of plans we can work off of. I sent off a few emails and should have them done by Wednesday if all goes well.

Then at 4 pm I had a meeting with a young guy to go out and get some bamboo sticks for a surveying technique I'll teach the guys in the coming days. It was a beautiful walk with a couple of cool guys. I learned a bunch more Creole and made a few friends. Can't have enough of them.

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